February 15 2011

Introducing Build Your Own RhoGallery Mobile

We are happy to announce today a powerful new RhoGallery feature: building your own custom RhoGallery Mobile. From the "Galleries" tab, you can select the "RhoGallery Mobile" section and customize the look and feel as well as supported platforms your RhoGallery consumers will see when they receive invitations.

As you change the look and feel of RhoGallery Mobile, the preview pane on the left will immediately display how your changes will look on a device.

You can then enable the custom landing page by selecting the link at the bottom. This will send the custom landing page instead of the default page when you invite consumers and groups.

Your gallery consumers will see this list of published builds when they navigate to the bit.ly link provided in the invitation.

Finally, the RhoGallery management interface has been streamlined significantly, now you can see several builds, apps, and galleries on a single page.