June 25 2012

Git SSH access over HTTPS port

We are happy to announce SSH git access over port 443 (HTTPS). If you have trouble accessing your repositories hosted on git.rhohub.com over port 22 (the default ssh port) due to a firewall or proxy limitation, you can now clone and push using firewall.git.rhohub.com on port 443 instead.


To test connectivity, run the following command:

$ ssh -T -p 443 git@firewall.git.rhohub.com
Empty git command...

Use port 443 by default

To make the changes permanent, create or edit the file ~/.ssh/config and add the following:

Host git.rhohub.com
    Hostname firewall.git.rhohub.com
    Port 443

For more information about using SSH over port 443 and the rationale behind this setup, please see the excellent GitHub guide.