To move your exisiting rhohub repository to github and continue you'r rhomobile builds, based on newly created github repository, you need to run a special clone command against your old rhohub repository and mirror-push to the newly created github repository.

In the following cases, the repository you're trying to move -- like

first you have to create a new github repository in
fo example , should already created and exist on
See "Creating a new repository in github" for more information.

Open up the command prompt, and type these commands:

# Make a bare clone of your existing rhohub repository
git clone --bare

cd rhohub_repository.git
# Mirror-push to the new github repository git push --mirror
# Remove our old rhohub_repository cd .. rm -rf rhohub_repository.git

now you'r application source code moved to github successfully. now you have to update "new github url" in your existing aplication.
to do that, open your individual rhomobile application page.
click "Change Git Source" button , copy that newly created github url (ie ,"" ) and paste in "External Git URL" field , then save it.

now you have to configure github to accept rhohubbuild to read you repository.
to do that click "Private Repo Setup" button and follow those instructions.
thats all , now you can trigger builds