August 25 2015

RhoMobile Suite 5.2.2 is Available

What is new in this release:

  • RhoMobile Suite 5.2.2 features a completely redesigned licensing model.
    • From 5.2.2 you no longer purchase licenses to run on a specific device or that are tied to a specific application, instead licenses are purchased on a per-developer basis and integrated with the re-branded website, the Rho cloud build solution.
    • Full details of the new license model are available from our licensing doc which is definitely worth a quick read before getting started with 5.2.2.
    • You will need a developer account before you can start building your applications with 5.2.
  • Relaunch of our cloud build solution.
    • A complete redesign of our cloud build offering, now branded
    • RhoMobileSuite 4.x builds can now be executed in the cloud.
    • Integration with RhoStudio and our new license model gives seamless transition between cloud building and building locally on your machine.
    • Performance enhancements to our cloud build will greatly decrease the length of time required to build most applications.
  • Runtime and startup performance improvements; you should notice an improvement in application performance when using applications built in RhoMobile Suite 5.2.2, particularly on Windows Mobile / CE.
  • We continue our beta support for Motorola Solutions' 'SimulScan' product.
  • Support for a new device: MC32N0 CE7.0. Support for the Android variant of that platform will be available closer to that product launch.
  • New common API for AudioCapture.
  • Support for Android KitKat consumer devices. Support for Motorola Solutions' KitKat devices will be available closer to those product launches.
  • Additional bug fixes.